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Production Credits help you build the content plan that’s best for your business. With Production Credits at Blended Sense, you can order what your business needs with confidence. Production Credits do not expire and if you ever run out of them you can always order more!

15 Edited Photos
Ex. Headshots, Lifestyle, and Landscape
1 Credit
Social Media Graphic
Ex. Promotions, Updates, and Holidays
1 Credit
Nano Video
(Up to 15 seconds)
Ex. Cinemagraphs, Logo Animations, and Stop Motions
2 Credits
Micro Video
(Up to 45 seconds)
Ex. Testimonials, Spotlights, and Social Media ADs
5 Credits
Short Video
(Up to 2 minutes)
Ex. How it Works, Promotions, and Meet the Team
10 Credits
Cornerstone Video
(Up to 5 minutes)
Ex. Brand Story, Pitch, and Event Recap
25 Credits
Ex. Testimonials, How it Works, and Brand Promos
2 Credits
Sonic Logo
Ex. Brand Jingle, Intro Jingle and Outro Jingle
5 Credits
Add Ons
Book a talent that represents your brand's look and feel
3 Credits
Book a talent that is aligned with your brand voice & vision
5 Credits
Exclusive Lifestyle Locations
Book a unique space for your content sweep
13 Credits
Content Sweep
(Up to 4 hours)
A tailored photo, video, and audio production experience where we maximize time & effort to capture as many quality assets as possible
30 Credits

Need more Production Credits?

15 Credits for $500
30 Credits for $850