Unlocking Creativity through infinite inspiration and collaborative Synesthesia

Our Story

Blended Sense creates digital experiences that connect those who need consistent, quality, content to those who make it locally. The team’s combined expertise in tech for local business, the creative arts and production industries (TV/Film/Performance) revealed a major opportunity to transform the space and bring new value to the creative and local economy.

Our TEAM is built on these VALUES. what we do, Begins here:

  1. Empathy - The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. (Connect)

  2. Growth - Always Building Always Learning 

  3. Equality - Equal Value in Trade (We are all the most important piece) 

  4. Community - Working towards our common interests and goals 

  5. Honesty - In our Intentions and our Actions

  6. Enthusiasm - Positivity and a burning desire to win 

  7. Creativity and Fun - Infinite Intelligence  


Our Vision is…

To connect the local supply & demand chain of creative goods, trades, and services in every local community on earth.