5 High Performance Content Rules to Rescue Terrible CTR: The Secret to 3X Click Through Rates

A potential customer has landed on your site. . . .   

Now what?

Are you satisfied with .05-5% click through rates? You shouldn’t be. Whether you’re trying to capitalize on content created for Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or copy, video, and photos on your own webpage, click through rates matter. 

According to Wordstream, most businesses average around 1.91 percent click-through rates (CTR) for AdWords.  But that’s not going to dramatically increase engagement or help your potential customers complete a sale. Sure, your business will grow, but at an achingly slow rate.

Instapage offers similar stats for Google Adwords, ranging from .50% to 5.06%:

Some industries fare better than others, but at Blended Sense, we want to help you upset these statistics in YOUR favor.

Avergae Click Through Rate.jpeg

Image: Instapage

The average Google Ads cost in all industries is $2.41 for search and $0.59 for display. Make every dollar you spend turn into added revenue for your company. 

Not sure what your click-through rate is? No problem. Visit this handy CTR tool to find out. If you’re not getting the CTR you want, we can probably help. 

Higher CTR pages usually create higher conversion rates, too. Increasing your CTR by 2x can often increase your conversion rate up to 50%. 

Here’s how most companies go about trying to raise CTR:

They throw a bunch of ads out to the wrong demographic and direct them to mediocre digital content, then expect a sale. If just .05% of people even click through to a company’s page, they quickly click away because the content is low-quality, or doesn’t even address what they’re looking for – that’s just not effective. 

At Blended Sense, we have an entirely different (and arguably better) approach. We start with great content before we suggest you ever create a single ad on any platform. 

We want to make sure your web presence and digital assets are spot on before we start helping you create ads for higher engagement. 

Here’s our 5-step approach to raising your click through rates 3X:

  1. Organic Engagement

We start with organic engagement by creating riveting visual and written content. We also apply strategized SEO so that when someone does land on your home page or a specially curated sales landing page for a new product or service for your company, they are either:

  • Curious, or
  • Awe-struck

That’s because every sales funnel starts with these basic human habits:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

2. High-Impact Words and Images

We use high-impact words and images. We humans are highly emotional creatures. We respond to negative outcomes more often than to positive ones. It’s just the way we are. Fear drives more decisions than hope. 

This is probably a left over trait from a time when our fight-or-flight instinct was triggered and we had to run on a moment’s notice to avoid being eaten by a tiger, but today we respond to avoidance language more than to positive language. 

We also respond to emotional language and images, in general, though we’re also rational and reasoning creatures.

Blended Sense Emotional Impact Infographic.jpg

CTR through all content is driven by this innate, human, emotional response. As a business, provide a reason to FEAR not making a different decision and then HOPE by solving that problem. This will increase your CTR. 

You can learn more in this insightful video by a Yale psychologist and the Big Think:

To summarize from a comment a viewer posted, “The intellect is fine for the average task but for a great challenge, heart and soul is required.” Fascinatingly, the psychologist is arguing for the rational intellect, but he makes an emotional appeal to the human ego to do so. Even the smartest among us can’t escape emotion!


3. Descriptive URLs

We suggest that you use a descriptive URL when your web master creates a new sales landing page. Microsoft research has proven that a descriptive URL will increase CTR. For example, don’t just create a non-descript URL for your real-estate company that says, “home sales.” 

The URL should say something like, “Homes in Austin, TX for sale.” Also, don’t try to use SEO-heavy titles. Google and other search engines are already on to that tactic. Just describe what the page is about.

4. Numbered Lists

We love a numbered list. Your brain processes information much more quickly when it sees a numbered list instead of a wall of text. 

A group of 3 to 5 works best. A meta analysis reveals that information parcels of 3 to five are the most efficiently absorbed by the human brain. More than 9 groups of info, and the brain starts to shut down. Translation: you’ve lost your audience.

Sure, we’re tapping into the trait of human laziness, but let’s get real. 

If you had to search through millions of Google results for something you wanted, or you could just click on one article or ad that tells you the 5 easy, no-brainer ways to accomplish something - which would you choose? 

5. A/B Testing

We suggest that you TEST your ads and content! In brief, use what works, and ditch what doesn’t. It’s rare to get everything right the first time around. If copy, pics, video, or other content isn’t working for you, let us help you dissect what is wrong and help! 

Blended Sense is ready to help you get those click through rates up and increase sales and engagement. That’s why we create great content. 

I’m ready to increase my CTR 3X or MORE!