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To empower the small business owner with creative assets, activate the creative community, and stimulate the local economy.

The Founders

Abigail Rose | CEO
Production expert. Talented actor. Tik Tok obsessed. I can do any type of accent.
Albert Baez | COO
Sales extraordinaire. Baseball player. Rapper. Idea machine. Overly enthusiastic.
Georgina Elizondo | CPO
Design enthusiast. Prone to wanderlust. Always pushed out of my comfort zone. Cat lady.

The Story

The Actor

As a 10-year production veteran and actress working on TV & film, Abigail was frustrated with the process of sourcing local work on her own when she wasn’t booking gigs with her agent. The current hiring platforms available were not designed to uphold the standards of professionalism and integrity of creative professionals; yet the demand for creative content was increasing for businesses of all sizes. Inspired to find a better way for local businesses to engage in creative services with working artists, Abigail brought the seed of an idea to her husband, Albert, who was also discovering similar issues on the other side of the marketplace.

The Salesman

With 7 years of B2B SAAS sales experience under his belt, Albert was working at a startup that serviced small businesses with digital marketing strategies. No matter what type of customers he worked with, Albert discovered that small business owners didn't have the access they needed to quality photo & video in order to empower their marketing processes. Upon talking through their frustrations with the content marketplace, Abigail and Albert soon realized that the average small business owner was in desperate need of quality content and that creative professionals were seeking reliable work with local businesses. With this, the idea for Blended Sense was born.

The Photographer

With a rough idea and a few trials completed, fate brought them to Georgina: a photographer running her own small content business, who was in search of a pivot into the design and tech space. As a freelancer, she embodied Blended Sense’s target audience and the need for a working product that could successfully service the content industry. She was well-versed in project management, with a keen eye for detail, and brought valuable insight as a successful creative professional to the table. The three of them saw complementary strengths in each other, and realized that they finally had the winning team needed to bring their Blended Sense mission to life.

These experiences and fateful collaborations shaped the Blended Sense product into what it is today. What happened next is nothing short of guts and gumption, as three first-time startup entrepreneurs set out to build a revolutionary company based on the mission to transform the way creative goods and services are exchanged around the world.

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