Albert Baez

Co Founder | President

We are Blended Sense

Blended Sense matches your small business with hyper-local creative professionals to deliver video, photo, copy, and graphic content every month. We are the BEST choice to promote your business in the digital marketplace. Don't let the "Content Monster" eat you alive. We've got your content covered!

The Mission

To stimulate local economies by connecting small business owners with creative professionals.

For every $1 spent on content in a local community, .77 stays in that community. We close the circle between the gig market and small businesses to enliven neighborhoods, and drive social change.

Our Vision

To be the trusted source of reliable content creation for small business owners, and the standard of integrity and reliable work for creative professionals in every local community on Earth.

Core Values


/def/: the ability to understand
and share the feelings of another

Being empathetic with our
business owners, creative
professionals, and HQ team


/def/: the belief that skill sets
and abilities can be developed
through dedication and hard work

Building our local economy and
up-skilling our network through
access to educational tools.


/def/: intense and eager

Having enthusiasm with others
and how we work.


/def/: a feeling of fellowship
with others

Providing tools to build up our
community of local business
owners and creative


/def/: consistently good in quality
or performance, able to be trusted

Quality is our standard, quantity is our goal.


/def/: the practice of including all
types of people and skills

With Women and Latinx founders, being inclusive means taking action for diversity so that everyone has a voice and a seat at the table.

Creativity & Fun

/def/: original ideas and joy

How we solve problems and create solutions.

Meet the Team

Albert Baez

Albert Baez


Abigail Rose Baez

Abigail Rose Baez

Chief Creative Officer

Ransome Tucker

Ransome Tucker

Chief Operating Officer

Tommy York

Tommy York

Lead Programmer

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At Blended Sense, we activate creative communities by providing gigs, benefits, & community for creative professionals.

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