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For physical products and online stores
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Professional Services

For service based businesses like real estate, legal, etc.
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All plans include:

Professional content capture
250 GB Storage
Compatible for all platforms
Professional content editing
Asset Organization
Dedicated Producer
Tailored content plan
Asset Tagging
Matched Creative Team

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How production credits benefit you

Production credits help you build the content plan that's best for your business. Order what your business needs with confidence.

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Common pricing questions

What is a production credit?

As part of your subscription plan with us you will receive a set number of credits to use each month. Production credits can be “redeemed” for digital assets on the Blended Sense live menu. When assets are produced and delivered we deduct the allotted credit amount, and deliver the final content to you. We don’t charge overtime, run out of hours midway, or pass through any unexpected charges.

How many production credits do I get?

Each subscription plan comes with a set number of credits, referring to the package pricing. If you ever run out of credits or need more assets, you can order additional credits anytime.

Can I add more production credits to my content plan?

Always! If you ever run out of credits just let your producer know and they will add them to your plan. You can purchase 15 additional credits for $300 or 30 additional credits for $500.

Do production credits expire?

Nope, not until you use them to purchase an asset from the menu.

What kind of assets can I get using my production credits?

We are always learning and exploring new assets to add. See our live menu for the current inventory.