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Who owns the content?

We create it, you own it.

The small business owner owns the content. However, once you’ve posted your content...

  • Blended Sense maintains the right to use posted content for marketing purposes
  • The creatives who create your content can post any posted content as well as behind-the-scenes footage for their own marketing purposes, crediting all parties appropriately, unless stated otherwise
What is a content sweep?

A content sweep is the production shoot, with your matched creative team, where all content is created and captured. Unless appearing on camera, business owners are welcomed, but not required, to attend in order to check out the work.

Do I have to credit Blended Sense when I post my content?

We encourage you to credit Blended Sense, as well as all creatives involved in the content creation process.

Fun Fact: If you tag other accounts on your social media posts, you can receive up to 56% more engagement than posts that don’t have tags at all

If I cancel, how long does Blended Sense store my content for?

After you cancel your subscription with Blended Sense, you will have 60 days to access your content. This gives you adequate time to download and store what you need into your own resources beforehand. Should you request access after the 60 day period is up, we will charge you a $250 reactivation fee.

Do you offer a la carte services?

Yes, absolutely.

  • If you are already a Blended Sense customer, please contact your Producer with details regarding your a la carte request
  • If you are not a Blended Sense customer, please follow these easy steps…
  • Create an account (link)
  • Schedule a demo
When is my monthly payment due?

The monthly maintenance payment is due on the date of sign up, once a month. We also offer an option to opt into auto renewal.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your content kit subscription, please follow these steps:

  • Message your Producer through our web platform clearly stating that you wish to cancel
  • Your Producer will follow-up with you to set-up a call in order to confirm your cancellation and finalize any pending requests
  • Once your cancellation is confirmed, your account will remain active for 60 days. After that, you will be charged a $250 reactivation fee to access the platform

Your cancellation request needs to be made 2 weeks before your next scheduled content sweep. Otherwise, the cancellation will roll into the next month and the current month in service will finish.

Can I be reimbursed?

No, you cannot be reimbursed for a monthly payment.

Do you have any numbers/proof that show that this content works?

That's a great question. So first, I want to mention that we are not a marketing agency, we are a MediaTech production company which is why we collaborate on content you need or want rather than do it all ourselves. We do not handle distribution/posting and, as a result, do not track any data on engagement. Some examples of where our content has directly helped elevate our clients' businesses are as follows > Startup businesses love us for pitch videos, and our pitch videos have raised millions. We have seen over 10x engagement increase with several of our partners' social channels once we implemented our content strategy and asset production! We have had a real estate agent tell us a buyer pulled out of a house last minute, so we put together a highlight reel of the listing to post to Instagram and he got it under contract days later! There are countless examples of content adding value but the bottom line is over 80% of consumers look at a business online before making a purchase or buying decision.  Content has never been more important.

Can we pick our creatives?

At Blended Sense, a big part of our value proposition is the fact that we handle the matching of your creative team. All of our creatives are local freelance professionals that come to Blended Sense looking for reliable, engaging work. Once they apply our production team reviews each creative based on experience, equipment and the quality level of their portfolio. After review, approval and onboarding, your Content Producer will match these creatives based on their availability, ability, equipment and location. Because of these variables, we choose your creatives before hand, but once a creative is matched to your Sweep, you will be able to review their portfolio and get acquainted with their body of work! If it's a good match, we will always try to match the same creatives to your Sweeps!

Can you send me examples of things you've done in the past?

Absolutely! You can check out our YouTube for some great content as well as Behind the Scenes of certain Sweeps! Once you're matched to your Content Producer and have your Creative Vision Call to talk about your brand and needs, they will send you a follow up email recapping what you've discussed and will link some relevant assets that we've done for other customers!

How many revisions do we get?

Once we receive your footage from the creative professionals on the Sweep, our post production team will begin the editing process. Typically, about 5 business days after the footage is downloaded, we will send you a First Look to get any notes on the first draft of your asset. For this, focus on the narrative we are building, music choice and specific shots used. We will then take those notes to the editor to start working on your Final Look, which will be sent to you the following week to ensure that we got it right! If you have any notes, we will get those in before we deliver but typically at this point, we've nailed it! So if there are no notes, we will deliver right away. Additional revisions are available for purchase, if needed, on our Asset Menu.

Do you offer animation?

Text or logo animation, yes. Our current editing team is not optimized for any other animation. We will not design/draw anything up but we are able to animate designs that you already have.

How many people will be joining us on the day of the sweep?

We like to keep our Sweeps slender as a way to minimize cost for you and ensure that everyone that is on set has a duty. Typically, on our team, it will just be the creative professionals and your field producer for the day. Sometimes, we may have our marketing team show up for some BTS but we will be sure confirm that is ok with you if they are wanting to pop by. Feel free to invite anyone you want to your Sweep! Just let us know if anyone wants to join in to be on camera so we can plan accordingly.

Will you help me market my content on social media?

Blended Sense is a production company, not a marketing agency. We do have resources to assist you with posting and once your assets are delivered in the platform, they will be tagged with what social media sites would be best to post on. We also have resources like a 365 day calendar and tips we share on social media, so be sure to follow us! Your dedicated Content Producer is also a source of best practices when it comes to distributing your content.

How many sweeps do we get?

You can get as many Sweeps as you want! Our Sweeps have an associated credit value so you can purchase a Sweep whenever you need one. There are plenty of options for Sweep types so you can order exactly what you need.

Can we go to multiple locations in a single sweep?

It depends on how long your Sweep is! We want to remain efficient with your Sweep experience, so we offer multiple locations on Sweeps longer than 2 hours so your creative team has enough time to break down, drive safely, and reset at the next location. Check out our Asset Menu for specific details.

Can we have an expedited turnaround time for assets?

Of course! On our production menu, we offer the ability for you to exchange 5 credits for an expedited asset. For photos, once we receive the images from the creatives, we can get that turned around in 3 days, and then 5 days respectively for the video. Please be sure to let me know if you need a quick turn around so we can make sure that our editing team is expecting it.

Can I pay for my subscription monthly?

Absolutely.  Our clients can elect to pay every month, every 3 months, every 6 months or every 12 months - earning substantial price breaks at each tier.  Our minimum subscription term is 3 months so, if possible, we strongly encourage you to at least take advantage of some additional savings by paying quarterly, or more.

I want Sweeps outside of the state can we make that happen?

We can certainly try our best! We prefer over a month's notice about an out of state sweep so we can ensure that we are able to source the best creative team. We never want to sacrifice quality of your assets which is assured in our current active markets in central Texas. As we move forward in growing the network and our business, we are focusing on entering into major markets proactively to service any customer needs but for now, we will do what we can while prioritizing the quality of your assets.

Does the length of the video I want affect my credits?

You can refer to our Asset Menu that breaks this down a little bit more! Our video assets are based on length of asset because of the amount of time/effort it takes to edit a longer video versus a shorter video.

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