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You crush it as a freelancer, but you’re hungry for more! The thought of scrolling through another database, pitching another job listing, completing work and never getting paid for it, or leaving your craft altogether to go do something else, bums you out. We know the feeling!

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Blended Sense is on a mission to make production praticial.
Our Sweeps are professional, lean, efficient, and fun!


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Photographers, Videographers,  Actors, Models, Copywriters, we love all our creative pros.

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Arrive ready to collaborate. Sweeps are designed to be efficient and fun. We take professionalism and integrity seriously. Meet the business owner, and do what you do best to cohesively work together capturing amazing content.

Our creative pros create content you can be proud of.

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Use the link provided on your dashboard to upload your captured content. And no more chasing invoices: we track your pay and send you direct deposit every month.

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The Blended Sense team is fun yet professional and makes it exciting every time I work with them. Also, very flexible in terms of scheduling which is important for freelancers.
Perla Bobadilla
Freelance Photographer
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Whether you are a photographer, videographer, editor, graphic designer, writer, actor, etc. - this is for you. Join us for our monthly series to educate, empower, and network!

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