Don't Miss Out on Instant Conversion: The Power of Influencer Videos


We got instant conversion from this video and we’re leveraging it wherever we can. We’ve also started building a revenue forecast to do future videos since this was so successful.” – Justin Jones, CEO Aktion

Sweat dripped from his brow. He could taste bitter-sweet saltiness in the back of his throat. He’d changed clothes several times at the gym already. A little weary from flying into Austin from out of town, the UFC fighter was game-faced and ready to rumble, but not for a typical fight. 

After touring the Aktion Coffee roasting facilities, and perusing the Blended Sense production studio, the fighter was ready to do some of his best work in a while. He just didn’t know it yet.

In a few brief hours, Aktion Coffee would create what marketing dreams are made of with the help of Blended Sense, and Mixed Martial Arts & UFC fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

What happens when you produce a digital asset so good that the minute you post it, you get a solid boost in sales, and instant conversion from new site visitors? 


It’s not David Fincher’s Fight Club, but Aktion expertly leverages the heft of Anthony’s impressive knockout record to promote their sports performance blend of Antiguan coffee, named “Rumbletime.”

With the goal of creating predictable revenue and an increase in subscription sales for 15 and 30 day replenishment supplies of Aktion’s performance coffees, “Rumble” delivered. 

CEO of Aktion, Justin Jones says of the experience, “Blended Sense was amazing. It can be kind of intimidating asking a UFC fighter to talk about your brand in a particular way, but the team at Blended Sense knew exactly what questions to ask to make Anthony feel comfortable in front of the camera.   We wanted to get the best type of content from this opportunity with Anthony, and Blended Sense delivered. The turn-around time was atypical too. We wanted the final cut of the video as soon as possible, and it was delivered in 3 days. Albert Baez, Blended Sense’s CEO was on site at the studio too, which was great.”

Aktion is indeed leveraging their video asset. It’s on the home page of their website, their YouTube channel, and shared heavily across social media to drive sales and visibility for the brand. 

When you get it right, it’s better than a knock-out fight. 


You can get your own supply of Aktion’s Rumbletime coffee now with a 20% discount for a limited time. Just mention Blended Sense.

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