5 Reasons to Attend a Creative Jam Session

Join a creative community, make memories, generate cool content, gain priceless experience, learn from other creative pros, and get portfolio material that you're excited to share!

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Reason #1: You Want Creative Friends

We know how it goes... ...You really want to vent to your friend about that recent photoshoot that went sour, or weigh the pros and cons of doubling your prices... but your non-creative friends just don't GET it!

They don't understand what it's like to hustle for clients, wait on pins and needles for an invoice to be paid, and over-analyze every frame of 'Inside'.

You need creative friends!

Being immersed in a creative community challenges you to become a better artist, get out of your comfort zone, and helps you feel connected and understood.

If you need more creative, inspiring friendships then this Jam Session is for you.

Reason #2: You Need Photos of Yourself Shooting

You've been shooting photo and video for years and yet... you don't have any pictures to show for it!


Whether it's a new profile picture, website photos or just every day social media posts...You need images and video of yourself holding (and ideally using) a camera!

At the Creative Pro Jam Session there will be tons of opportunity to get BTS shots of yourself working (taken by other photographers/videographers) and capture the same for other attendees.

Once the photos are shared in the Community Drive, you can download any that you like of yourself, post, and tag the Creative who took the photo.

Cross-tagging and posting will be encouraged to help grow your social media reach and find more clients.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get some new photos to promote your hustle.


Reason #3: You need portfolio material

Have you ever thought about modeling? Are you transitioning from Photography to Videography? What about from Modeling to Photography? Or any combination of the latter? Do you always shoot the same type of shots for safety and you want to experiment and step outside your visual comfort zone.

There are a ton of reasons why you might want to beef up your portfolio. So you can book more, charge more, and thrive as a creative.

Beefing up your portfolio isn't just for beginners.

The best creative professionals I know shoot TFP OFTEN. It keeps your feed updated, keeps you creatively on your toes, and helps you experiment and improve.

Never modeled before? A great Photographer knows that it's important to know what it's like to be on THAT side of the lens - so they will model on occasion to stay in touch with those feelings.

At the Creative Pro Jam Session there will be tons of opportunity to be whoever you want - a Model, a Photographer, a Videographer, a Creative.


Reason #4: You want to learn from others

Why aren't my images as sharp as they could be?

How do you get your Auto-Focus to track better while on a gimbal?

How do you pose a model?

Some skills you can only learn by doing... or watching a professional do first.


If you want to improve as a Creative Pro, watch others work and learn from them.

One of our core values at Blended Sense is Growth.

We encourage you to grow, learn new tricks, and pass along your knowledge to other creatives as you go.

You might know something another creative is eager to learn, and you might learn something you didn't know.

Learning from your peers is better than any school.

You have peers in the Network who are out there doing "it".  Exactly what you wish you knew how to do.

Making money, booking clients, and creating beautiful visuals.

You don't need to pay $899 for a filmmaker course, or get a college degree.

You just need to come to the Jam Session and ask questions.

Reason #5: You're New to Austin

You finally made it. You packed up your bags, bought the plane ticket, and have eaten you first breakfast taco.


Now what?

How do you meet like-minded people?

How do you establish a new client base in Austin?

How do you find the best "spots" for photography shoots?

You are new to Austin, and you need a guide.

By attending the Jam Session you can eliminate all of the above concerns and many more.

You'll meet like-minded creatives who have tips on finding locations, work and maybe even have referrals for you.

You'll boost your confidence shooting in a new area and with new people.

You'll walk away with new images and video to post on social about living and working in Austin, TX.

If you're new to Austin and are ready to get plugged into a Creative Community - this Jam Session is for you.

And... even if you're NOT new to Austin...

...all of these still apply


FREE for Creatives in the Blended Sense Network!
Get Your Ticket Here (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/creative-community-jam-session-tickets-163107