6 Ways to Develop Creative Intelligence & Elevate a Lackluster Brand Identity

Creative intelligence is how you react to new situations. You use creative connections, both externally and in your own brain, to successfully produce new, novel ideas. With creative intelligence, you reveal brand new solutions to old, dusty problems. 

Creative intelligence is also sometimes referred to as experiential intelligence. The term is based in Sternberg’s psychology and the Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence, but even if you don’t study human psychology, it’s vital to your company’s success.             


Creative Intelligence      

Vital to your company’s success.          

This often underrated type of intelligence combines innovation, intuition, perception, and curiosity. 

Creative intelligence is what allows you to learn, and to apply new skills to every aspect of your life, including your professional one. 

At Blended Sense, we value creative intelligence. Clearly. Our whole company is built on that. More importantly, creative intelligence helps you grow.

Try some of these creativity-building hacks:

  1. Step outside your comfort zone. Go to a new place to film your Instagram videos. Talk to someone brand new in your neighborhood. Volunteer somewhere that helps you to build your business network but also rounds out your skill level, and teaches you something new.
  2. Brainstorm. When creating your company marketing plan, give yourself a 15-minute, “no idea is a bad idea” brainstorming session to explore ways to use creative content in a novel and different way.  Write every single idea down, without letting your inner, analytical critic poo-poo a single possibility. Later you can act on the ideas with promise.
  3. Collaborate. You’ve been doing things the same way for a long time because it is comfortable for you to do this. The only problem with this approach is that you’re missing out on the creative ideas and best practices of others that might light a fire or create additional potential for your company. Reach out to Blended Sense. We LOVE creative collaboration. 
  4. Find inspiration from other industries. Creative ideas can often be found outside your industry. Within industry segments, people tend to do things the same way and think the same way. Cross-pollinate with other industry leaders and creatives to get a fresh perspective.
  5. Unplug. Have you ever noticed that your best ideas come when you’re taking a long walk or a hot shower? That’s because your brain enters what is called the alpha state. It not only boosts creative output, but also lowers depression. Do yourself a favor, and turn off your phone, don’t answer email for an hour, and go for a “pointless” walk. You’ll be surprised what ideas come to the fore. 
  6. Cross-over. If you’re a dancer, try painting. If you’re a videographer, try graffiti art. If you’re a poet, try singing. Many creative gifts are buried within us as we’ve been told by society that we can only be good at “one” thing. Rubbish. Explore all that’s in you. 

I’m ready to build my brand with creative intelligence!