3 Benefits of Building A Creative Network

For many who have found success in their career, it is oftentimes due to the strong networking channels that they have cultivated over time. As a freelancer, you may feel that you wouldn’t benefit from networking as say a person with the typical 9 - 5 would. Well, we’re here to tell you that networking as a freelancer is quite valuable to your career growth… and we’ll tell you why! 

Now let’s dive into the 3 benefits of focusing a little time and energy into building your own creative network as a freelancer. 

1. You can build your dream team

It’s so rewarding to connect with like-minded creatives who you can trust. Period. 

Building a “dream team” can sound a little woo woo and overused, but honestly - it’s still relevant even in the freelance world…. scratch that - ESPECIALLY in the freelance world. What we mean by building your dream team is this: creating long-term relationships with fellow creatives in the freelance industry that will guarantee mutual benefits. 

The best part? You have full control over who you connect with. This allows for you to seek out freelancers who have similar work interests, processes, and ethics. Never again will you have to deal with the co-worker who continually misses deadlines and (probably) chews with their mouth open. 

Tips to start building your dream team: 

  • Go to local events for creatives → In-person networking can be daunting, but highly effective
  • Join online groups built for freelancers → Facebook is a great place start 
  • Connect with past coworkers → You may discover that they’ve jumped into the freelance world themselves! 
  • Build your own brand → success attracts success, sometimes the best connections seek YOU out

2. You can: surround yourself with success

Soundboards, collaborators, consultants… This is what a solid creative network looks like. Once you’ve built that dream team we talked about, you’ll have the ability to trade fresh ideas, give honest feedback, and share different perspectives that will propel your career forward in entirely new ways. 

Think of it this way: a single idea that sprouts from a conversation with a like-minded individual could just as easily answer a project-related question as a month’s worth of research would. So why not give yourself the chance to save time on the work at hand as well as further develop your industry know-how?  

What we’re saying is this: when you surround yourself with people who have an affinity for success, it’s going to rub off.

3. You can: move your projects forward

As you build your portfolio, you will likely work with clients who have project roles that need to be filled. You can not only recommend people who will deliver high-quality work, but ones who you know you work well with. This creates a high-functioning, collaborative environment that will yield great results and happy clients. Plus as you become more efficient at moving your work from delivery to execution, you will be making room for more work to come your way. Thus, a successful cycle begins. 

BONUS: This will make you stand out to your clients. In the good way. 

Hey, and relationships are always two-sided! When you refer a fellow creative to a job then oftentimes they will return the favor. Don’t hesitate to be the person to open up a path for new opportunities. 

Networking is essential for your career growth, no matter what field you are in. Once you start setting aside time to build a solid network of your own, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it can grow! 

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