How We Do Business Has Changed in 2020, and It’s Not a Bad Thing.

Blended Sense pivots & finds silver linings in the pandemic.

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In response to the global pandemic ~ Blended Sense, an Austin-based media tech company that connects the right creative professionals to the right small businesses locally, has released a series of new solutions and pivoted its business to meet the increased demand for online communication & digital creative services. 

Just as Blended Sense celebrated its 1 year anniversary on April 1st the pandemic made waves in the US, radically transforming the national business landscape. In order to drive business during Q2, the founders implemented critical pivots which allowed them to recover losses and grow stronger moving into Q3. 

The Revival Kit

To meet the immediate content needs that small business owners were experiencing during the nationwide stay-at-home orders, Blended Sense launched a ‘Revival Kit’.. This kit offers a low barrier to entry with a pay-as-you go subscription for access to monthly photo, video, copy, audio, and graphic assets. 

The Revival Kit marked the beginning of a new period of revenue for Blended Sense, helping them grow 57% in total revenue from Year 1 to Year 2. After  receiving positive feedback from customers, the kit has since become a permanent product offering. This new revenue allowed Blended Sense to grow the team by 200% from 3 full time employees in Q1 to a total of 9 in Q2.  

Creative Intelligence™ Platform 

In Q2, Blended Sense launched the beta of ‘Creative Intelligence Tech™ — a two-sided platform for business owners and creative professionals alike that optimizes the entire pre- and post-production process of accessing, strategizing, creating, and releasing digital content. 

The platform will allow Blended Sense to scale geographically outside of Texas. The business is already expanding to Fort-Worth, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio; plus they are growing their customer and user base by 50% every month. 

Blended Sense is currently raising a Series Seed: $1 million dollar round of funding that will facilitate profitability, tech development, and scale. The company is raising an additional $500k Crowd Safe on starting the end of the month with the goal of growing the operational team to 50 by June of 2021 to meet the explosive demand of their services.

Blended Sense is a media tech company that connects local small businesses with local creative professionals to produce and distribute digital assets, quickly. They are on a mission to empower the small business owner, activate the creative community, and stimulate the local economy.