Blended Sense Wins Crowd Favorite at Dell for Entrepreneurs Pitch Contest

Dell for Entrepreneurs helps startups like Blended Sense to scale their technology. We participated in a pitch contest recently and won the crowd favorite award!
This includes a prize of $4000 in Dell Technology! YES! 🙌🙋😼💃

  • A Dell UltraSharp 27 inch monitor
  • 8 Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch MU-PC1T0S Solid state drive
    encrypted 1 TB external (portable) - USB (Our producers and editors love file storage on the fly!)
  • Additional accessories

Technology as the Secret Sauce in Digital Content Marketing

As a marketing tech company, technology is part of our secret sauce. Our Creative Intelligence algorithm matches small businesses with local creative professionals. We use data to find creatives that are hyper-local to a small business, in alignment with a brand’s voice, and even a buyer persona so that the assets that come out of production are nothing short of magic.

Part of every startup’s go-to-market strategy includes the need for great content – from brand presentation, pitch decks, investor outreach, funding campaigns, social media photos and video, and more. You don’t need an editorial calendar or a content marketing strategy that breaks your budget. The Blended Sense app allows a small business to access fully edited photos, video, copy, graphics (and soon original music) all in one place, online.

Why Technology Matters in the Creative Marketplace

Technology is already reshaping how artists, videographers, musicians, writers, actors, models, dancers and other creative professionals do their craft.

We believe that avant-garde artists and creative professionals are fundamentally reshaping how business is done on an increasingly global stage.

How might have Andy Warhol’s work evolved without silk-screening technology and camera art?

How might the music of the Black Eyed Peas, Akon, or Alice Cooper be different without auto-tune?

The National Endowment for the Arts is already addressing the burgeoning growth in technology in the visual arts. As the Acting Chair, Ann Eilers explains, “Tech-centered artists can be individual partners for leaders in the arts and non-arts sectors alike. Not only are equity and inclusion increasingly embedded in their artistic space, but they also explore ethical issues around technology, such as data privacy and artificial intelligence, presenting complex ideas through a creative and accessible lens.”

At Blended Sense, our creative pros use different technologies to do their jobs every day, and our platform is built on the premise that human creativity and innovation are key for both technological and human development. These endeavors are not mutually exclusive. Instead, technology and raw creativity marry the perfect abilities of the emerging human race. And we couldn't be more thrilled to help facilitate that growth.

Thanks to Dell for Entrepreneurs, Blended Sense is stepping closer to our growth goals.