Content Production for Beginners: DIY Your Own Short Form Video

You are a new business owner, fresh off your real estate license test, and ready to hit the market with momentum!

But how are you going to do that? As an agent, you have limited time, resources, and know- how when it comes to content creation and distribution. So where do you begin?

This is a step by step guide for creating a Content Kit from your phone!

These assets can be used on a video streaming platform like Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook Video, or Youtube Stories. Additional places you can post your content is your personal website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email Marketing.

What do you need?

  • A Phone
  • Headphones
  • Optional lighting such as a lamp, a window, or a ring light.

Step 1: Take a look at your calendar and select a “Hot” day. AKA a day filled with activities in your business.

Step 2: Vlog using your phone. Don’t even worry about opening an app! Just use your phone to capture 5-15 second clips throughout the day. Try a variation of shooting styles to create an interesting content bank you will later be selecting clips from. 

Examples could include: 

  • Use the time lapse feature to film doing your makeup/hair/or some other kind of static preparations
  • Turn the camera ‘Selfie Style’ walking to your car, into your office, or to a new listing
  • Capture your hands opening doors, opening a computer, pouring coffee, writing something down
  • Stand your phone up across the room and show something off to the camera

Step 3: Once you have captured your content, sit down and write a 25 second - 55 second narration of your day. This could be a step by step of what you did, a story of something interesting that happened, or the summary of something you learned. 

Step 4: Open the social app of your choice (Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube Shorts work best) to edit and add audio.

  • Click Add > Reel 
  • Add your pre recorded clips
  • Edit clips to desired length
  • Click preview
  • Add Voiceover by clicking the music notes and selecting ‘Voiceover’
  • Record your voice over. Follow this guide for best results
  • Hit Done > Next
  • Add your caption, add a cover *and don't forget to position it!*
  • Add tags, location, ect
  • Hit Post or Save as Draft to post later
  • Pro Tip: add a trending sound and turn the volume way down. This helps the algorithm pick up your content!

If you posted, head over to your newsfeed and interact with other accounts for 5-15 minutes.

How should you promote your content once posted?

  • Interact with other accounts on Instagram for 5-15 minutes
  • Use one of your vlogging clips and add it to your story promoting your audience to keep watching 
  • In the next side, repost your reel onto the story. Add a sticker to cover the content or add text telling your audience to “Click to see more”

Now that you have created a short form video, leverage this content across your other platforms. 

Examples include: 

  • Save the video off TikTok or Instagram and repost with a meaningful caption on LinkedIn
  • Write a supplemental blog to accompany the video and add both to your website
  • Drop the video into an upcoming newsletter to direct traffic to your social media channel and gain followers
  • Break the message of your video into a Tweet and link the video in it on Twitter

This is just a starting point. You can apply the Vlog style of creating DIY video to just about content. Here are some more ideas to try:

  • “BTS of a listing before an open house”
  • Teach your audience How To something
  • Vlog style start to finish the home buying process

There is one thing we know at Blended Sense, and that your time is money. We value that you are busy out there making it happen. So if all this ‘content stuff’ feels overwhelming, reach out. Our Content Producers are ready to dive in with you!