Event Recap: Creatives In the Workforce, Social Justice


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This meetup happens during the intersection of the coronavirus pandemic & the social justice movement sparked by Black Lives Matter. 

As creatives - conversations such as this one are critical in unpacking & understanding the world around us, so that we can continue to grow in our crafts.


Guest Speakers:

Ray Roberts: Actor

MJ Johnston: Photography Director

Maryssa Rose Chavez: Visual Artist

Hosted by: Abigail Rose

Listen to the conversation here:

Key Moments

@ 5:45: Abigail asks the question ~ “What drives you to pursue a life in the arts and creative industries?”

→Hear the speakers’ responses on making a decision around what makes them the happiest and following up by answering the question ‘What else would I do if I didn't do this job?”

@ 10:12: Ray answers the question about what drove him to start a brand new career and pursue what he really loved: acting. He tells us about why taking the risk to do what you love is worth it and what putting yourself out there for a “well let’s see what happens” moment can change everything.

@ 16:30: Maryssa shares where her creative vision comes from. Listen in to hear about the gratitude for childhood and identity that sparked her desire to pick up a camera so that she could communicate with the language of photography.

@ 21:00: MJ answers the question, “How do you go about setting rates, maintaining integrity, and tracking your earnings when pay rates for professionals vary across the board” 

@ 28:40: Ray answers the question, “What were some of the steps you took to legitimize yourself as an actor once you took the plunge into the industry?”

@ 34:45: Maryssa answers, “how do you balance your personal creativity and customer expectations?” Following up with: “How do you fulfill yourself when working with a client, but also maintaining magic in your work?”

@ 39:00 - 52:00: All speakers give us their thoughts on what it's like to be a creative pro during this pandemic environment.

@ 54:00 - 1:10:00:  We reflect on how Covid 19 is affecting Black and Brown people disproportionately as well as the lack of diversity & representation in creative professions. Our guests share their remarks on BLM, and why there is such focused attention on it right now. They share with us the messages that they want the public to hear. The overall sentiment is hope that this is not just a moment of attention but is the start of long term, systemic change. 

Creatives in the Workforce is a monthly fireside chat series featuring three creative professionals guest speakers discussing the truth of making a living as a freelancer in creative services. We discuss how we balance accounting, project management, and customer service while fulfilling our personal passion for our craft.