DAY IN THE LIFE with the DUBLE’S -Sweep'n the best Real Estate family in Austin, TX!

The Creative Intelligence PlatformTM built by Blended Sense, makes it easy to schedule Sweeps to happen anywhere, anytime. 

New listing with a great backyard perfect for lifestyle photos? We are there.

Fancy hotel lobby for an event you are hosting? No problem, name the time.

The kitchen in your house where a cooking show will be filmed and you want to capture the good vibes, friends and family and your love of entertainment that make up the heart of your business?

You got it!

Take advantage of our unique process and formula that gets the matched Creative Pros you need on time, when you need them!

This is exactly what husband and wife, Judy and Keith, of The Keith Duble Real Estate did!

Subscribers at Blended Sense, Keith and Judy want to create a Content Kit that goes beyond highlighting their knowledge of the real estate industry or showing off gorgeous listings. 

Central to their brand is family and a love for creativity and entertaining their friends at their house in Liberty Hill, TX.

So, it was a no-brainer for the Duble’s when a good friend and film producer asked to use their kitchen as the set of the cooking show she was creating. As content creators themselves, and lovers of the arts (all three of their daughters are into acting, music, and film making!), it was a BIG yes for the cooking show to take place in their home.

A perfect opportunity for Keith and Judy to show a true ‘Day in the Life’ - they let their dedicated Content Producer at Blended Sense know of the upcoming cooking show date and their desire to capture a ‘behind the scenes’ that was true to their life. 

So how did it go down?

Step 1. Creative Vision Call: their dedicated Content Producer loved this idea and immediately started booking the Sweep by adding it to the Sweep calendar. Then they matched the Creative Pro who's availability and equipment fit the job, put together the Treatment, and waited for the day!

Step 2. On the day, our matched Creative Team arrived early to scope the location and prep equipment which consisted of a camera on a handheld stabilizer and 2 lav mics.

Step 3: Now its time to Circle up!  Keith and Judy met with Matched Team to debrief on the plan, discuss any ideas or changes, and confirm the goal of the Sweep. Then its ready - set- SWEEP!

Step 4: During the Sweep, the Field Producer worked with both the Duble's and the Creative Pro to make sure the shot list was running smooth, bring new ideas to the table, check settings and quality, and have a keen eye on the details. In this case, it was a run and gun shot list mixed with some set up "scenes" and some speaking directly to the camera.

Step 5: Thats a wrap! The Sweep finishes right on time and the team check outs. They will receive their post production notifications with pay confirmation and they will upload the content they captured to get it to the CP for post production asap!

Within days, Keith and Judy received a Post Production check-point to take a look at their edited asset and give feedback on any edits they want to see.

From there, the final product is delivered on the platform.

Ding! Fresh, a ready-to-publish asset is stored in your Asset Library to be used whenever or however you need!

So easy it makes sense, Blended Sense.

Watch the final product here!