Going Out on a Limb: Tips to Authentically Build Buzz & Drive Growth on Social Media


Amber uses personable social content to create meaningful connections.

There’s that one bar you can't remember the name of. 

That guy standing out front yelling “DOLLAR SHOTS!” What’s his name?

As you wade deeper into content marketing, getting out on the block with a bullhorn and feature dumping your brand simply isn’t effective. It will get a few suckers in the door, but there won’t be a reliable relationship or a dependable pipeline. Likewise, you can’t settle for an occasional whisper to create a buzz around your brand.

2020 brought 4.41 million new business applications  to market which is a staggering 78.9 percent more than 2010.

With all that new noise, simply screaming louder won’t cut through the din, but stay quiet and you’ll be lost in the cacophony. 

So, here’s what you can do:

Create Meaningful Connections

3.6 billion social media users are people first, and potential customers second. 

Interact with them through content using a value first approach. 

Some examples of value first content:

The best part of value-first connections is that  your content can be syndicated. Reach out directly to friends, colleagues, and corporate partners when you’ve created something new. Ask them to read, comment, and share. Let them know that their voice is important to you.

The key to making meaningful connections is taking the first step. Don’t expectpeople to engage, ask them to directly. Start the conversation, open your door to feedback, and your engagement rate will soar.

Build a Consistent Content Drip

You wouldn’t water your lawn once a year like this...


A healthy ecosystem requires careful attention and upkeep. With an irrigation system that works, you can find balance between steady effort and impactful results. 

The key to  successful relationship building  is consistency. Content drives consistent revenue for your business and freelancers need reliable income. Don’t over-complicate the strategy. Analysis paralysis leads to inaction. Consistency leads to quality and that  equals volume. This, in turn, leads to $$$.

Consistency => Quality Engagement => $$$$$$

Here’s a little secret that the big brands don’t want you to know: consistent posting done with sincerity and authenticity can beat even the biggest brands. 

The stark reality we confront daily at Blended Sense is too often content creation and dissemination is an all or nothing endeavor. Consumers are beaten over the head constantly by large brands who can afford to flood every channel daily while small businesses struggle for six months to get one video out.

Establish yourself as a subject matter expert with the right content in a small niche to hang with the “big” brands, but connect to a target audience even better.

Simultaneously an ever increasing number of freelancers are eternally chasing their next paycheck.

Our primary objective at Blended Sense is to open the floodgates by democratizing access for both the small business owner and the creative professional. 

We  connect small businesses with a vetted creative network to create digital assets quickly, on brand, and built for your target audience. Imagine having all the assets you need ready to post with notes and coaching on where, when, and how to use them.

Hot dang, that reality is just one click away.

To the Moon

Participation Over Transaction

Business behemoths from Mark Cuban to Elon Musk chime in about Meme Stocks on Reddit and Twitter.

Grant Cardone and SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son are active on the popular new audio app Clubhouse.

Cloubhouse Minorities.jpeg

Even Gary Vaynerchuk would tell you "Give, give, give THEN ask." He says he purposefully “guilts” people into participating with his brand because he gives so much quality content out first. And in a world of “me, me, me” this action stands out.

Back when parties were a thing we all had that friend who would never agree to show up until they knew who else would be there. Don’t be that friend. Be the friend who shows up first, shows up often, and helps clean up when it’s done. 

The most common thing we hear from small business owners when it comes to participating in online networking is that they don’t have time or that they lack expertise on a given platform. Please understand that no one expects you to become a Tik Tok influencer, but if Elon, Gary, Grant, Mark and Mayoshi can find the time to mix it up with the crowd, you can too. 

In short: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Just show up!

Like, Comment, Subscribe

Let’s talk about a little something called organic reach. Organic reach is simply defined as the number of people who see something you post without you having to pay for them to see it. While paid reach is governed quite literally by how many dollars you’re willing to dish out, organic reach is ruled by algorithms.

A platform’s algorithm prioritizes what shows up in your feed by historical interest rather than by sequence. It’s a tool you’ll want to leverage.

Algorithmically there is no substitute for regular activity. You can have the sickest viddy ever created, but if it’s the only thing you post this year on that platform, it’s not going to get much love.

LinkedIn, for example, aggregates all your clicks, jobs, and connections to decide what you see. Taking it a level deeper, LI also reads what you’re posting and prioritizes authentic conversations

“Like, comment, subscribe” is not just a tagline for YouTube and it’s not an abstract growth hacking tactic. It’s a directive. Like your local burger shop’s Facebook page. Subscribe to that Youtube Channel about succulents that you keep bumping into. And leave a sweet comment when your mom shares a picture of your kids. 

All of these things will help bump you to the top of the bots’ list when you’re going to promote your content.

If you’re overwhelmed, reach out, Blended Sense is happy to help.

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