Is Your Business Prepared to Crush Q4 Holiday Sales?

An analysis of the COVID-19 impact on retail, and how this will affect 2020 holiday marketing strategies

Written by: David Eagan, E-commerce expert & Blended Sense advisor

COVID-19 has forever changed the way that we run our businesses, especially when it comes to e-commerce. The pandemic accelerated several e-commerce trends that were already on the rise; instead of taking several years to come to fruition - those timelines have now compressed into just a few months. Here’s how we know this: e-commerce made up only about 11% of retail sales before 2019, and has been slowly taking larger shares from brick & mortar retailers. Fast forward a few months into the COVID pandemic, and the percentage of e-commerce sales in retail is now sitting at 15% (that’s 4 years of change within a mere 6 months). Let’s take a look at a few more notable statistics to back this up:

  • eCommerce order volume has increased by 47%
  • Shopify is growing Marketplace revenue by 50%
  • Online groceries have increased by 40%
  • Walmart online grew by 74%
  • Even Chipotle digital grew by 81%

Building New Purchasing Habits

Research says it takes 66 days to build a new habit. We’ve have been dealing with the pandemic-driven lockdown for over 3 months, and most consumers are finding out how much easier, and quicker, it is to conduct day-to-day transactions online. Whether we realize it or not, new purchasing habits have been created. I don’t see us returning to the old ways, and it’s time to embrace the new e-commerce normal. With that being said, what has your business done to adjust & adapt to the new world?

  • If you’re a restaurant owner: are you utilizing Uber Eats and DoorDash in order to have your food delivered directly to your customers’ homes?
  • Have you switched to Zoom for customer service calls, business meetings, and interviews?
  • Are you a retailer that updated your website so that you can can accept pre-orders for curbside pick up?
  • If you’re in the healthcare industry are you using a platform like TelaDoc to alleviate the stress of your patients?

Making the Switch to E-Commerce

If you have not made the change to e-commerce, it is time to reconsider and start investing in the future of your business before it is too late. As we look forward to the rest of 2020 - The Golden Quarter of Q4 is just around the corner. This is when retailers make a large percentage of their profit in just the three months leading up to the holiday season. What I’m saying is this: if you start preparing today, you still have time to have a successful 2020. If you have made the switch to e-commerce, congratulations! Blended Sense is here to help you continue on your path towards success. You can start with this…

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Wishing you success for the rest of the year!