How to Invest Like the Top 3% with Republic & Blended Sense

Republic makes it easy for companies like Blended Sence to source crowdfunding. Until recently only the wealthiest 3% could invest in private start-ups. Thankfully the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Small Business) allows Americans to invest in private small businesses that aren’t listed on a stock exchange without being one of their owners. 

With investments as small as $100 to start or several thousand dollars for those with a larger investment appetite, Republic allows you to choose from an array of promising start-ups with a quick overview of what each company is about. 

With Title III of the JOBS Act, potential investors can now support innovative projects, including tech companies like Blended Sense while building a community of like-minded individuals that understand the power of the digital age and it’s absolute necessity for present-day and future reach.

Blended Sense currently works with four verticals, but has plans to expand: eCommerce, Tech, Professional Services, and Real Estate.

The problem we're solving graphic.png

Future initiatives include:

  • Go mobile 
  • Become Bi-lingual (Spanish/English)
  • Expand into new cities
  • Create a one-stop shop for creative digital asset creation, management, and delivery so that all content directives are managed under one platform.

We are the novel combination of a product that services the creative community to put jobs and revenue back into a city like Austin, while delivering on a SaaS platform that every small to medium business can truly utilize. 

Learn more about what we do at Blended Sense:

$100k in 20 Days

While there are many ways a start-up finds funds, Republic is key to our angel campaign. Our aim is to raise $100k in 20 days to keep the momentum going behind our growth. Two of our founders are Latino and two are women.

If you’d like to invest in a tech start-up like Blended Sense that understands creatives + software + service = amazing for the right market, click here. Our customers think we’re amazing. We want to reach more of them with your help.