Event Recap: Creatives In the Workforce, Get Your Glow On




This month, we dove into creative management. Abigail sat down with directors, managers, & producers to talk about leveling up your creative career and tips on how to successfully manage fellow creatives.        

Hosted by: Abigail Rose

Listen to the conversation here:

Key Moments

We kicked off the session with the question: “What drives you to create the life you’ve dreamed of?”

*Please note that the recording did not work for the first five minutes of the event. This recording begins with Kate answering the above question, with Bex giving her response at 1:15.

@ 3:00 - 9:30: Abi our guests about the process of creating their personal brand + finding the artists they wanted to work with, as well as the qualities that they look for in candidates.

@ 10:35: Kate answers the question about what her ‘flow state’ looks like.

@ 11:51 - 17:00: Both guests answer how they set their rates, keep track of income, and how to establish pay rates for their employees.

@ 18:55: Abi asks the guests, both of whom are mothers, how having children has influenced their business and the way they work. 

@ 23:15 - 28:30: Both guests answer the question around “damage control”.

→How do you go about handling your artists / employees when they don't meet the standards you like to keep? How do you balance having both contractors and employees? 

@ 29:00: The guests turn the mic and ask Abigail the same question! 

@ 32:15 - 39:00: Kate answers: “How has COVID-19 changed that way you run your business?”

@ 39:30: Bex remarks on how the pandemic has influenced the beauty industry, and what changes she has experienced in her business due to COVID-19.

@ 45:52: Abi and the guests talk about the silver linings of the pandemic. Specifically about the revolution in our society taking place as we all work towards creating a better tomorrow for ourselves. 

@ 46:32: Both guests answer what their daily routine looks like outside of running their business, specifically on what brings them joy and wellness. 

@ 49:52: Both guests give their answer to “what piece of advice would you give to a creative professional right now?”.

@ 52:15: Bex shares with us how she keeps her studio green and how she recycles PPE.

@ 53:52: The event comes to an end with both guests answering how they balance work from home vs. live at home life through setting breaks in their day.

Creatives in the Workforce is a monthly fireside chat series featuring three creative professionals guest speakers discussing the truth of making a living as a freelancer in creative services. We discuss how we balance accounting, project management, and customer service while fulfilling our personal passion for our craft.