How to Use Video for a 157% Increase in Organic Traffic

“Your customers aren’t in it to be engaged. They’re looking to be entertained.”

—  @msweezey

Adding video content to your pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80% and get organic traffic pumping in your direction up to 157%. Imagine having such an increase in site traffic that you need to find a better web host!

Quicksprout eloquently states the obvious – before you can convert people, they’ve got to find you!

At Blended Sense, our cornerstone creative digital content is video assets. Words speak volumes but video inspires, entertains, and grabs attention in a way almost no other experience other than real-world living or an edge-of your-seat VR experience can.  

Whether you’re sending thought leadership videos to a Youtube audience, delivering internal instruction to your team, or reaching out to the world to present your passion in the form of a product or service, video helps to capture your uniqueness, and vulnerability in a way that people can truly relate to. 

Even though a whopping 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound, people still find images and motion move them. 

Here are a few recent video assets we created for our customers at Blended Sense:

Shelly Vanessa Smith

Local Austin musician Shelly Vanessa Smith collaborated with Blended Sense to make an editorial piece about her life and inspiration as a vocalist and pianist.

Aktion Coffee

Anthony Rumble Johnson, the mixed martial artist and retired UFC fighter presents Aktion’s high-performance Antigua, Guatemala coffee with the same name - Rumble. Anthony is known for landing 281 strikes in his UFC career, and many compelling wins. Aktion offers performance-level coffee for athletes of every stripe. Merging the social capital of Johnson with Aktion’s product launch is pure genius.

D-Mag Capital

This husband-wife duo buy and renovate properties throughout Austin. Their authenticity comes through in a simple interview-format explainer video describing what D-Mag Capital does. 

Sanara Skincare

When Rebekah Jasso Jensen, Founder of Sanara Skincare made a how-to video for soap with Blended Sense, it landed on a spot with Camila Alves McConaughey’s Women of Today magazine.

According to Wordstream, 46% of viewers act after watching a video ad on most social platforms. 

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