Latino-Owned Business are the Fastest Growing Business Segment Despite Lack of Inclusion in Big Tech

#LatinX Tech Summit at Capital Factory

Latinos are often left out of the tech landscape. Govtech reports that even with Silicon Valleys’ reach dominated by Caucasian and Asian men, people of color, including Latinos, still struggle to be part of Big Tech.

As Accenture states, “Business strategies and technology strategies are becoming inseparable—even indistinguishable,” so unless all people are included in the tech landscape, it won’t accurately reflect the skills, culture, and needs of all people.

These stats summarize the stark reality:

Of nearly 50,000 employees at Google in 2014, 83% were men, 60% were white, and only 2.9% were Latino. Latina women are even less represented. Since then Google dedicated $150 million to increase diversity, but this tech behemoth still struggles to recruit and retain Latino people.

Look into tech startups and you’ll find even fewer who have Latino or Latina founders.

The Gains: Latino-Owned Business are the Fastest Growing Business Segment

There are still gains. According to the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, the number of Latino owners increased by 34 percent in the past decade compared to just 1% for all others. Latino-owned businesses are also the fastest-growing segment in the U.S. market. That’s progress.

As a Latino-founded business, Blended Sense has not one but 2 founders who have Latino heritage. Albert Baez, originally from New York City but with heritage in Santiago in the Dominican Republic, started Blended Sense with his wife Abigail Rose Baez, and Latina founder Georgina Elizondo Griffin with heritage in Mexico.  

It is with great honor that Albert Baez will speak to an audience looking to build diversity in tech at the LatinX Tech Summit at Capital Factory this year.

You can join the event here via Eventbrite, scheduled for Thursday August 19, 2021.

In the meantime you can check out Capital Factory’s 2019 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report. Read more about it here.

Also Join a new LinkedIn Group and start connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, tech professionals and more who will be attending the summit! Discuss takeaways, the session topics, and future opportunities during and after the event.

This event will be online and streamed on Hopin. Also join the in-person Happy Hour at Capital Factory following the event on August 19th at 4:00pm.

Blended Sense’s Commitment to Latino Business

We’ve already taken strides at Blended Sense to work with Latino-owned small businesses to provide them the content they need to help spread their reach and cultural insights. Both founders Albert Baez and Georgina Elizondo are committed to making the Blended Sense platform bilingual and accessible to Spanish speaking communities every where in the US. Look for new partnerships within the Latino community here soon, including Latina founded PaleHearse!