Now On the Platform: Upload Photo and Video Directly into your Asset Library

Now On the Platform: Upload Photo and Video Directly to your Asset Library and into the hands of your Content Producer at Blended Sense!

Activate your very own Pocket Producer!

Let us turn your phone footage into the exact type of content you need and want to plug into your social channels, that the algorithms love.

Upload RAW footage right from your mobile device directly onto the platform, tag, categorize, and store.

Then, send it to our Editing Bay for post-production!

Once the asset is complete, it is delivered to your Asset Library, ready to publish! 

Let’s see this in REAL ACTION!

Co Founder Albert Baez, went out to the field to test out this incredible new feature using just his phone, a RODE Vlogger Kit, and headphones to capture content he then sent to our In-House Editing Team, to create this sizzlin' Event Recap Video!

What Does This Mean For You?

You now have access to creating your very own, high quality Event Recap Videos- from footage shot on your phone or from your guests. Authenticity meets ease!

Use this feature to Vlog about your day, then let us edit out the good parts for your REELS. Content as fast as you need it without the time spent editing.

Are you a Real Estate Agent? Capture your latest listing right on your phone, and we will edit and snazz it up for the perfect viral walk through.

The possibilities are endless.

Where will you push your own creativity with the tools on our platform?