Support Your Online Business in 2020 with Quality Digital Assets

Here’s how you can do it. Introducing: Blended Sense’s Creative Intelligence Technology™

The past several months have presented a unique landscape for successfully running a business. For Blended Sense,  a media tech startup in ATX who was ramping up their efforts to scale, the change to pivot all “business as usual” workflows was drastic. The grueling process of reviving what existed pre-pandemic was, and still is, intense for the company that just turned one year old on April 1st. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, as the team prepares to launch their first of its kind portal; a milestone transforming Blended Sense into the technology company they set out to be.  

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Friday marks the launch of their Creative Intelligence Technology™: a two-sided platform for business owners and creative professionals alike that optimizes the entire pre- and post-production process of accessing, strategizing, creating, and releasing digital content. Business owners enjoy a stress-free experience which gives them back their time, while creative professionals are matched with reliable customers for monthly projects. Features include: asset tracking, creative team matching, automated shot lists, hour logging, and payment schedules. 

The technology that Blended Sense designed and built is revolutionizing the entire experience a small business owner would typically have to go through if they sought out creative services. Lacking in time, resources, and know-how, it is an all-consuming process for the business owner to figure out what and who works best for their business. On the other side of the marketplace, the freelancers working as creative professionals are underserved and undervalued. The present resources they have to access quality work still leave them struggling with accounting, project management, and customer service. 

“We spent an entire year manually testing our processes and workflow so that the platform we designed and built was based on real problems and solutions that the business owner and creative professional experiences” says Co Founder and CPO Georgina Elizondo Griffin.  

How do you access this technology and implement it into your business? First, visit their website and sign up for a digital audit to learn about how your business is currently performing online. Once you pick your monthly subscription “blend” of assets, you are then matched to an in-house producer who is the liaison of communication for all digital implementation strategy and production logistics. The technology handles matching the right creatives needed for projects, automating creative treatments and shot lists, and the delivery of the curated ‘Content Kit’ to you, the business owner. 

“What used to take over 20 hours a month and thousands of dollars, has now been transformed into an easy-to-use platform that business owners use to support their online presence with ongoing, locally made, and tailored digital assets that communicate to their specific audience” - Co Founder and CEO Abigail Rose

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Blended Sense is a media tech company that connects local small businesses with local creative professionals to produce and distribute digital assets, quickly. They are on a mission to empower the small business owner, activate the creative community, and stimulate the local economy.