Training Courses To Help You Self-Educate on Race, Racial Bias & Racial Equity

In light of the unrest that is being felt in our country and around the world - due to the systemic racism centered around Black Americans - many of us are left wondering “how can I help?”. Not only are there ways in which we can donate, use our voices, take to the streets, and show our support to the black communities; there are also resources in which we can use to educate ourselves. With the power of both social media and word of mouth, there are incredible assets being provided that span from books to Netflix docs to IG live series.

As the world also happens to be in a pandemic, leaving many of us still in quarantine, now is the right time for white Americans to start taking their education on race, as well as examining their own privilege, even further. To support this self-education journey, we’ve compiled a list of anti-racism workshops, webinars, & courses that you can take anytime, anywhere. Keep scrolling to discover more. 

Illustration by Sacrée Frangine
Illustration by Sacrée Frangine

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Looking to support Black-owned businesses?

Small businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established. By supporting more Black-owned businesses, we’re helping with the progression of strengthening many Black communities.

Here are 25 Black-owned home decor brands to shop for your next home refresh!

This guide includes:

  • 25 New and Established Black-owned Home Decor Brands
  • The Importance of Promoting Representation and Black Culture
  • Supporting Job Creation in Disenfranchised Communities

If you want to show your support for the dismantling of racist systems in our country, please go to this post to learn of ways that you can do so. #BlackLivesMatter