What can you look forward to from a top US startup in 2023?

Blended Sense is ready for another 365 days of media innovation out of Austin, Texas!

It gives us immense gratitude to serve hardworking business owners and creatives. Building a community through creative services for these two groups that need each other is an everyday joy! We get to tell stories, uplift ambition, connect talented professionals together, and do it all seamlessly from our platform.

As one of the companies included in the 101 Best US Based Community Businesses to kick off this year, we are positioned to support growth in more local economies across the country than ever before.

Take a look at these 2022 stats that make us proud!

Total Sweeps completed for the year: 321

Total Digital Assets delivered: Over 3000!

Earnings paid out to Creatives: $671,545

We served 82 business owners in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, New York City, Hoboken, Washington D.C., Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte, Raleigh, Sterling (VA), Charleston, Montgomery, Nashville, New Orleans, Tucson, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and of course, who could forget...Turkey, TX!

Our technology has reached an inflection point. It has matured enough that we now can give our customers an easy, simple and intuitive self service experience that enables them to create on their terms- without the headaches that typically accompany content production.

So, what can users look forward to on our platform in 2023?

📲 Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!

For the Creative Pro:

- Sweep blocks: mobile experience “Pocket Producer” to keep Creative Pros on track from pre to post production and on Sweeps!

- Voice memo and message with matched Business Owners in the platform

- A master calendar to keep track of matched and accepted Sweeps

For the Business Owner:

- A master calendar to keep track booked Sweeps

- Enhanced Sweep experience: how to prep, Sweep timeline, and day of guides.

- Voice memo and message with matched Creative Team in the platform

We would like to credit 2022 and its success to our incredible Real Estate customers who invest in our platform by using our services. This vertical has been our entry point into professional services, and after being deep in the real estate vertical, we are looking forward to expanding into legal, medical, hospitality, and other pro services .

Stay tuned for platform releases and features that will make your creative dreams come true!