Why Voice-Driven and Image-Heavy eCommerce Will Rule in 2021: Are You Ready for a $4 Trillion Market?


Image and voice activated search now make up 50 percent of all eCommerce searches.

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It’s never been easier or more compelling to purchase online. We’ve become an economy driven by emotion, but also by images and voice technology. If you want to crush it in eCommerce in 2021, here’s what you’ve got to do. Blended Sense has the inside scoop for you.

First the basics.

You’ve got to have a great product. You can make, manufacture, wholesale, or dropship your goods, but they’ve got to stand out.

When Steve Jobs was first designing Mac computers and iPhones, he reverse engineered all the bells and whistles based on what his customers were asking for. That’s why Jobs was so successful building the Apple brand. His method of “working backwards” paid off in a huge way.

If you can’t answer the following questions about your product, it might be time to go back to the drawing board:

  • Who is my target audience? Why would someone actually want to use my product?
  • What problem does my product solve?
  • What activity are my customers engaged in when using my product?
  • What is the primary goal of my product and how does it make my customer’s life easier or better?
  • What kind of person is most likely to be an early adopter of my product?
  • Why is my product different from other similar products on the market today?

You also need to present your product in an appealing way. Discombobulated, unorganized, and unsightly sites are like forcing your customer to shop in a retail store with heaps of clothes thrown on the floor or display windows that haven’t been updated in 2 years. That retail store would quickly go out of business.

However, online retailers are surprised when sales fall flat because their product images and videos are boring and  low-quality.

Let’s dive into this image thing a little deeper. 65% of the population are visual learners. People prefer to absorb content that illustrates a message clearly and with a minimal amount of text.

Why Images are So Important for eCommerce

More than half of the neurons in neuronal networks in the human brain are dedicated to processing visual information. Visual processing neurons number in the hundreds of millions.

Visual Search Results

What’s more, Pinterest just launched a “shop with your camera” tool for their site. See something you like out in the world? You can just snap a shot of it and Pinterest will conduct a “visual search” for online retailers that provide access to that product.

Google also recently launched, “search what you see,” with Google Lens.

How does visual search change things?

Let’s say Samantha sees a little black dress she loves in a shop window. The shop is closed, and it’s usually not a place she frequents.

If she uses Google Lens or Pinterest, she can snap a picture of the little black dress, find out the label on the dress, multiple manufacturers that sell it, and where to buy it online.

Samantha might find out that she can purchase that dress right now, from the retailer where she is window shopping, or she might find a better price, an overnight shipping option, and click “add to my basket” right then and there.

If a manufacturer of said little black dress has a direct-to-consumer eCommerce portal with great photos of their goods, the visual search data can more easily pull that dress for Samantha and other shoppers to purchase.  

If you want to drive sales, you’ve got to have compelling images.

Micro-Video for Micro-Conversions

Adding micro-video to your product carousel is even more effective. Crazy Egg points out that 88% of eCommerce sites see an improvement with micro-conversions with the addition of video.

What’s a micro-conversion?

These are smaller buy-ins from potential customers that lead to a full conversion, or sale on your site. Video specifically might cause someone to linger on your page a little longer, and encourage them to make a purchase.

Here are just a few of the eCommerce brands we’ve worked with at Blended Sense to help drive sales for their products:

Of course, with multiple eCommerce site options, you aren’t relegated to Shopify. You can also choose Big Commerce, Square Space or many other sites, but you’ll also need to consider voice-driven search for your Ecommerce business to thrive.

Why Voice-Driven Copy is Important for eCommerce

By 2021, early adopters that utilize voice-driven search and images on their eCommerce sites will capture more than 30% of market share in a $4 trillion industry.

Voice-based mobile search queries are the fastest growing.

There are already more than 20 million smart speakers and smart devices that support voice search including:

  • Google Assistant
  • Siri
  • Cortana
  • DuerOS by Baidu

Here’s why your product descriptions and ad copy need to be written with voice-search in mind:

  • Natural spoken language rather than keywords alone drive 70% of requests for voice-driven search.
  • 53% of people who own a smart device say that talking to it feels “natural.”
  • 62% of people who use a smart speaker say that they’ll use it to buy something in the next few months.

Be sure to write your product copy with voice-driven search in mind. Write it how you’d say it, and you’ll capture more of this growing audience.

Are you ready to make 24-7 sales in a 4$ trillion-and-growing eCommerce market? With solid voice-driven product descriptions, photos, and video from Blended Sense, you can make 2021 your best year yet.

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