New Asset Menu Gives Your Business Access to Creative Content on Your Terms

In this blog, learn about Blended Sense's newly launch Production Credits and Asset Menu, to help local business owners take control of content on their terms.

You asked and we answered!


Unlock your ability to customize your experience with Blended Sense and access quality ready-to-publish content on your terms.

Our updated, dynamic Production Menu gives you more options for turning Production Credits into amazing ready-to-publish digital content across your business's needs. From social content to marketing ads, operational videos, and educational series- you can get it here!

Gone are the days of limiting 4-hour video and audio Sweeps if you’re on the Essential Blend or just access to a photographer if you’re on the Starter Blend. The updated menu means more flexibility to meet your business right where its at every month, and to get content delivered into your Asset Library when you need it.


Order our classic service of capture and edit from your dedicated Creative Team for a variety of ready-to-publish assets off the menu *now with expedited delivery if you need!*


Or try uploading your own footage right from your phone into the platform for us to edit into all kinds of assets that social channels love!


And you can even access the RAW footage from your Sweeps, now available to book for 2, 4, or 8 hours! 

Already subscribed? Your Credit Bank in the platform will now reflect your Production Credits that you’ve already purchased as well as converting your number of Sweeps into Production Credits. 

In reality, the only thing really changing is your ability to pick and choose exactly what your business needs to accelerate forward. From marketing assets to operational content, event captures, and tailored Sweeps- you dream it and we create it.

Ready to get started or excited to purchase more credits? Book time with us HERE!